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“My work ethos is simple –

I offer the best professional service for a

flexible commission fee that is not fixed

on the “market rate” of 5%.”

For most people and families buying a property in the Costa del Sol is one of the biggest purchases of their life and it is my job to make sure everything is well-organized, and the clients are satisfied with the end result.

Honesty and transparency in a client relationship is essential and I do my best to educate my clients and let them know about all the possible advantages and disadvantages of a property as well as offering a full real estate service.

Real Estate Market Value

Nowadays, on the Costa del Sol real estate market there is a 5% commission fee in addition to the purchase tax for the government (8-10%), 2% for the legal and notary costs and mortgage costs depending on the value of the property.

Therefore, the taxes can come up to as high as 20% of the property value. However, there are some other legal options, where property sellers pay only 2% purchase tax instead of 8-10%.

I don’t believe in the fixed 5% market level commission fee and work on a flexible rate with my clients depending on each specific property.

These are some of the unique selling points that Chloe Real Estate offers to all clients.

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