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Chloe Van Bork


My name is Chloe van Bork and I am a 28 year old real estate agent based in Marbella. Working in the real estate business has been a dream of mine already from a young age.

When did your passion for real estate start?

It all started, when I was a kid and me and my father were driving around for hours, looking at properties to possibly invest in. Back in the days I got car sick from it and didn’t understand why all of it was necessary, but as I grew older, I started to understand how he was evaluating and analyzing the different objects.

I developed a great passion for architecture, started to create an eye for catching good investments and learned how to make the best deals in any given circumstance.

Why work in Marbella?

Although I loved the time me and my father spent together, I was always thinking that I wanted to do this by myself and not for the family company. From the age of 7, our family has regularly come to Spain for vacation. One day, when we were once again driving around Marbella with my dad, my whole future rolled out before my eyes and from that moment I knew, that I wanted to set up my own real estate business here in Marbella. Years later at the age of 25, I moved from Amsterdam to Marbella and kicked off my career.

What makes Chloe’s Estate special?

My philosophy is very simple, it is to give my clients the highest level of professional service for the right price.

I work hard to give the best service for a good price so I can make more deals with my clients in the future as I have some great opportunities thanks to my big network.

A lot of them can be interesting for people who want to create a good rental income or they can be a great investment for those who don’t want to leave their money in the bank.

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Dining room of apartment in marbella center
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms
  • 75
  • 11 months ago
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms
  • 200
Exterior of Alcazaba Lagoon
From 278,000€
From 278,000€
  • 3Bedrooms